Limited Breeder's Futurity FAQ


  1. What is a Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake?
    It is a program designed to promote the breeding and showing of American Saddlebred Horses.

  2. How does a Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake work?
    The organizers contact stallion owners throughout the country, asking them to donate the ser- vices of their stallion(s). After the stallion services have been donated, an auction is held to sell the donated services, to be used the next breeding season. The mares are bred and the following December the buyers of the stallion services make a declaration of which mare they have chosen (the mare which was bred to the stallion whose service they purchased) to have the foal with which they wish to compete. The year the foal is to be foaled, the stallion, mare and foal must all be properly nominated to the Texas Futurity. In the fall of the year the foal is born, a class will be held for the Limited Weanling Stake colts/fillies, in which only they may compete. They will be awarded prize money (75% to the foal owners and 25% to the stallion owners) derived from proceeds of the auctions and any donations, less 10% administrative costs.

  3. As a stallion owner, why should I donate a stallion service? What do I get out of it?
    First, and most importantly, you are helping to promote the American Saddlebred Horse. You will also get exposure for your stallion in promotions for the auction, by way of the auction website. Also, you may receive monetary compensation in the form of transport fees and mare care, and there is the potential to win more than most stallions stand for if your stallion sires one of the top winning foals.

  4. As a mare owner, why should I buy a service at a Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake auction?

    As in Question 3, the most important reason is to promote the American Saddlebred Horse. You do not have to show, or even intend to show, to receive a benefit. The bidding for services start at 1⁄2 the advertised stallion fee (or a minimum of $250.00), so many times you will be able to buy a service you otherwise could not afford. As an added incentive, if you chose to show and are one of the top foals, you could win a significant amount of money, often more than the money paid at auction.

  5. I only own one mare and already have a paid season to a stallion in the auction. Why would I buy another season?
    Only foals resulting from a breeding purchased at the auction are eligible to show in the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake each year. Foals resulting from a service NOT purchased at auction may not participate in the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake. Breeders have been known to buy the same stallion at several auctions for use on a single mare simply for the potential to win substantial prize money from the foal.

  6. I have donated my stallion(s) to the auction. Since I own him, I can, at no cost, breed as many mares to him, for no cost, as I want. Why would I pay to breed to my own stallion?
    Because you can participate in the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake only if you have purchased the service of your stallion at auction. Foals in this Stake have the potential to win much more than the amount paid at auction.

  7. What if the stallion whose service I purchased dies, or becomes infertile before my mare is bred?

    The amount you paid at auction will be refunded.

  8. If my mare does not get in foal, can I breed the next year and show the resultant foal?
    No. However, you may, depending on the contract you signed with the stallion owner, have return privileges to the stallion you bought at aucton.

  9. If I buy a service at auction, is there a live foal guarantee?
    All guarantees, if any, are between the stallion and mare owners. The Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake has NO involvement. Since some services are fully guaranteed, some partially, and some not at all, you are advised to contact the owner of a stallion in which you are interested and request a copy of the contract prior to auction.

  10. What if I can’t get my mare in foal, or she loses the foal?
    You will not be able to show in the Weanling Stake. You may or may not have return privilege, but the foal born in a later year will not be eligible to show in any Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake.

  11. Can a stallion have multiple foals shown in the same year?
    Yes. One service per stallion is sold at the auction. HOWEVER, stallion owners have the option to buy a second service to their donated stallion for the same price as the final bid price. If embryo transplant is used and multiple foals are expected from the combination of stallion to donor mare, the recipient mare must be indicated, along with anticipated date of birth, on the mare declaration forms.