Limited Breeder's Futurity

The Limited Breeder's Futurity is a program designed to promote the breeding and showing of American Saddlebred Horses.

Foals are limited to the offspring of nominated mares bred to stallion services donated to the Stallion Auction of the previous year.

Questions and Answers for Limited Breeder's Futurity

Rules for Limited Breeder's Weanling Stake

Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS SOURCE OF FUNDS The stallion services donated by stallion owners are auctioned off, starting with the higher value of ½ the current stallion service fee plus $75.00 (stallion nomination fee) or $400.

Bids will be taken by:

Phone – Suzanne Mohme (512) 560-7664

Mail – (Must be received by January 9, 2020) Suzanne Mohme, 108 Paintbrush Ln, Bastrop, TX 78602

Online at 2021 Stallion Auction

Bids close at 9:00 p.m. central time.

All stallion services must be paid by 10 days after the high bidder receives notification. An NSF Fee of $100.00 will be charged if a check does not clear the bank. The buyer will have 5 business days to settle the account from the time the buyers is notified of the returned check.

Stallion owners have the option to buy a second service to their donated stallion for the same purchase price as the final bid price.

Neither the Texas Futurity nor its Board of Directors will intervene between the purchaser of the stallion services and the stallion owner. All contracts, arrangements and negotiations that may arise in the service of any mare designated for the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake will be strictly between the stallion owner and the mare owner.

A refund of the amount paid for the purchased stallion service will be made if the stallion dies before the designated mare has been bred.


The Texas Futurity will retain 10% of the auction proceeds for administration purposes. Interest accumulated from the date of the auction until distribution following the competition will become part of the purse. Prize money will be paid to 8 places, with the weanling owner receiving 75% of the purse, and the stallion owner receiving 25% of the purse

Payout is as follows:

Place Award
First Place 40% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Second Place 25% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Third Place 15% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Fourth Place 10% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Fifth Place 5% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Sixth Place 2.5% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Seventh Place 1.5% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Eighth Place 1% (Weanling Owner 75%; Stallion Owner 25%), Ribbon
Ninth Place Ribbon
Tenth Place Ribbon


A copy of the registration papers for the designated mare bred by a purchased stallion service MUST be received by the Texas Futurity before December 31 of the year of the Stallion Auction, to be eligible for the competition.

The rights of a designated mare’s foal cannot be postponed to the following year.


The owner of a weanling showing in the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake must be a member of the Texas Futurity. Annual membership dues are $20.00.

The sire, dam and weanling must be nominated with the American Saddle Horse Breeders Futurity of Texas, with all fees paid on or before the nomination closing date, and said horses must be registered with the American Saddlebred Horse Association.

All weanlings showing in the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake will be subject to blood typing by the Texas Futurity following the competition.


A separate entry form must be filled out and mailed to the Texas State Fair Horse Show secretary in order to enter the Limited Breeder’s Weanling Stake. No entry fee is required.


Each weanling will enter at a trot, proceed to the end of the ring and return back down either side to the judge for line up. The class will then be tied to 10 places.